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Visioning CD cover

Visioning®: Life as Art, Art as Life
Music for the Experience

Jessie Allen Cooper's new sound track is designed for relaxing, inspiring and motivating. Play it while following the guidelines for fulfilling your heart's desires through the Visioning® process. From soothing music to relax the heart and mind, Cooper shifts moods into a lively beat for "grabbing what grabs you" in magazine images and words. The next series of sounds sets the tone for opening the heart, making final selections, dealing effectively with the Inner Critic and completing a vision board collage. The closing music creates a perfect atmosphere for follow-up journaling with both hands, one of the secrets to success with Dr. Capacchione's unique method. Following the guidelines in the book, Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams, will be enhanced by Cooper's creative sound environment.

This 2 CD set is a total of 135 minutes of music. Each CD is broken down into sections specific for the Visioning® process, and the sections are as follows:

CD 1
-Heart's Desire Focus Phrase - 3 songs
-Grab What Grabs U - 5 songs
-Sift & Sort - 6 songs
65 minutes total

CD 2
-Critic & Brat Within - 2 songs
-Visioning® Collage - 8 songs
-Creative Journaling - 4 songs
70 minutes total

$34.95 2 CD Set

artist: Jessie Allen Cooper
producer: Jessie Allen Cooper, Cooper Sound Waves
language(s): English
format: 2 CD Set