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The Inner Child Play Book:
A Creative Journal for Inner Family Work

An interactive ebook for reparenting the self.

Welcome to your healthy Inner Family: Your Inner Child and your Nurturing and Protective Parents within. This interactive Play Book guides you in reparenting yourself using my Inner Family method which has helped heal thousands of individuals. The Inner Child Play Book is a perfect accompaniment to my bestseller, Recovery of Your Inner Child.

Through drawing and writing, you will activate and heal your Inner Family. This includes developing skills in self-nurturing and protective limit-setting. Inner Family work starts with creating a tender, loving relationship with your Inner Child: your body, emotions, instincts and intuition. The Inner Child also also holds the key to your creative and spiritual self. Using journal processes tested and proven effective for over thirty-five years, you will also learn to deal with the Critical Parent Within - the learned voices of negative self-talk on our own heads. And you will be given tools to heal the wounds of the past.

Journaling in The Inner Child Play Book activates both sides of your brain: visual, emotional and intuitive right hemisphere and the logical, verbal left hemisphere. I'll introduce you to my breakthrough method of writing and drawing with the non-dominant hand and dialoguing with both hands. Using these techniques you will learn to:

  • Uncover your Inner Child's feelings, needs and deepest wishes
  • Nurture and care for yourself in all areas of life: work, relationships, health and more
  • Allow your Protective Parent to set healthy boundaries and limits when needed
  • Uncover and deal effectively with your Critical Inner Parent
  • Heal past traumas to the Inner Child regardless of when they occurred
  • Reparent yourself to change addictive and co-dependent behavior
  • Discover the playful, creative and spiritual Child within
  • Find hidden talents, resources and passions for enriching work and relationships
  • Reconnect with soul and the spiritual source of your innate creativity
  • Bring your playful Inner Child out in work, relationships, recreation and more

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$19.95 ebook

author: Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D.
publisher: self-published
format: PDF (8.5" x11")
language(s): English