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What others have said...

Dear Lucia,

About a month ago, my counselor introduced me to your book "Visioning." She also told me about a Seasons Grief and Loss Center workshop on healing through expressive arts. My counselor is the Center's Director of Clinical Services. The facilitators were a group of therapists from various states skilled or being trained in expressive arts. They wanted to help in the healing of Katrina survivors in the greater New Orleans area.

I read your book with great interest and excitement. It not only solidified my intention to be at the workshop, but I brought along my sister and a friend. Vicki Muir, the workshop leader [and Certified CJEA Instructor], led us through a most enjoyable few hours that seemed to have sped by unnoticed. Having already read the book, I allowed myself to totally submit to my spirit and created a beautiful collage with the theme, Love. The highlight of the evening was when we stood in a circle, laid our collages on the floor, and after coaching, shaped them in a way that we all felt worked. Our spirits were high and we were pleased.

I recently quit my job, oh, my gosh! :) I finally listened to my inner spirit, who, by the way, kept screaming louder and louder demanding my attention. Though I tried, I could no longer silence her and at that point no longer wanted to. I had decided that I would use the Visioning® process to help me decide next steps. I shared my intent with Vicki, who excitedly encouraged me to contact her if I needed any help during the process.

I have just completed the most spiritual, intense, rewarding two days of my life! I cried, I laughed, I danced, I sang and I created a beautiful collage that shines Nilima's soul. You were next to me all the while. I went through the book again, this time stopping to do the exercises. Your book is written like a conversation and you were talking to me. Let me share with you what my creative conscience told me when I asked her to speak to me in words. She said," Now is the time, our time to shine. Connect with me, Nilima, be one with me, trust me with all your heart and soul. I am the one you have been waiting for. I love you beyond measure. Be in love and in peace." I cried for about 10 minutes after that and still "get full" when I share this with others.

During this Visioning® process, I was in another zone - free and enjoying each moment. It wasn't until I was pasting the pictures, just as you pointed out in the book, that my inner critic stepped in and so did the intensity of this project. When the collage was complete, fear reared its ugly head and my critic asked, "What have you done?!" in an accusatory tone. I allowed the feelings to be, I acknowledged them and patiently waited for them to leave me, knowing that this was not my true self; knowing that it was not real.

I now rejoice with my collage hanging on the wall next to my bed in my vision when I wake up each morning and go to bed each night. Lucia, it is powerful! More powerful than I could have imagined! I don't fully understand it, but I am open to what it represents and what it will bring. I enjoy sharing it and notice others enjoying it too.

I thank you for guiding me through this experience and sharing it with me.

In peace and love,