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Career Changing As a
Life Journey

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Lucia Capacchione

Lucia's Story: Career Changing
As a Life Journey ~ Page 4

by Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R.

It is clear that following one's heart and one's talent has gained greater acceptance in the past two decades. Visit the business and/or psychology section of any bookstore. There are countless publications reflecting the changing business climate. More and more titles are proclaiming that career-seekers need to "work with passion," "do what they love," "find meaningful work." A couple of generations ago, finding a JOB was the issue; finding meaning in one's work was rarely discussed. My audio CD, Meaningful Work, discusses this trend and offers practical guidance. Available at

Acceptance of the notion that one can and should love one's work and have fun doing it encourages creativity, entrepreneurship and a whole new way of looking at life. Putting love at the center of one's career considerations and letting innate talent be the motivating force puts us in the driver's seat. Making career choices based on our uniqueness, our special talents and unusual combination of skills opens the way to creating a job rather than waiting for one to come along.

When my career-seeking clients ask me to help them find a job "out there" I tell them they are looking in the wrong place. I point to their heart and say: We are going to find the job in THERE. Once you find it there, it will come to you from outside.

My own career history, outlined above, is proof of this principle. My career path is the story of allowing new talents to surface because of new passions and paying close attention to those new talents. Then I matched talents to needs in the outer world. In some cases old talents were revisited. As new life situations arose, I combined and recombined talents in order to fill new needs, both inner and outer. Today I use ALL my talents and skills, as an author, trainer, speaker, workshop leader, therapist, artist, personal coach, consultant, gallery owner and administrator of a training program. My life and work are a constant adventure – filled with surprises, opportunities and dreams come true. I love what I do and, better yet, I get paid for it. That is the "bottom line." What a blessing!

The Talent Workbook shows you how to do what I have done: find your talent and put it to work. It isn't everything I know about the subject. I have other books that provide more tools for creative and balanced living and problem solving (see Books and Audios at But if it’s meaningful work that you seek, doing the activities presented here will help you identify and cultivate your talents. As you do, you will naturally and enthusiastically want to share those talents. That is the basis of all good marketing.

May your career path be as richly rewarding as mine continues to be. May you find, grow and share your talents in whatever you do. I am confident that you can dream it and do it.

-Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D.
Cambria, California