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Sampling of Articles by Lucia Capacchione

Creative Journaling: When Words Are Not Enough

So what is Creative Journaling? Creative Journaling uses BOTH images and words. It activates both sides of the brain: the verbal, linear, logical left brain and the visual, emotional, spiritual non-verbal right brain.

The Arts and Healing Network News Spring 2010 issue, dedicated to CREATIVITY and PARENTING, features an interview with Lucia on using the Creative Journaling process as a tool for parents and children alike. Read the full interview at

Lucia's Story: Career Changing As a Life Journey

Preface from her new title, The Talent Workbook, an interactive ebook for identifying, cultivating and marketing your natural talents.

Celebrating Your Life: Expressing What You Feel, Do and Desire

A guide for honoring emotions and developing emotional literacy (The Creative Journal). Finding motivation in life through accessing the Inner Child's energy and enthusiasm (Recovery of Your Inner Child). This enable us to find our true Heart's Desire and manifest our dreams (Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams).

Know Thyself: Relating to Yourself, Relating to Others

Developing a relationship with oneself requires re-parenting of the self through Inner Child/ Inner Family work (Recovery of Your Inner Child), and inner-written dialogues using the dominant and non-dominant hand (The Power of Your Other Hand), for balancing the brain's hemispheres and the body/mind connection.

Life Lessons Learned from Emotions

Working with emotions as energy fields and motivational forces (The Art of Emotional Healing). Emotional literacy develops the ability to vision and manifest our true Heart's Desire through journaling (The Creative Journal), and the creation of collage vision boards (Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams).

Losing Yourself in the Divine: Creativity as a Spiritual Practice

Creative expression and journaling are presented as a spiritual practice (The Creative Journal). Embracing emotions helps us to accept ourselves (Living With Feeling) (Art of Emotional Healing). Emotional literacy opens us to guidance from limitless divine creative spirit, which plants desires into our hearts, while providing the means to manifest our dreams (Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams).

Embracing a Soulful Life

Journaling and expressive arts provide tools for turning crises and chaos into opportunities to learn and serve (Living With Feeling). A regular practice of creative journaling using both art and writing, alternating with both hands, channels guidance from one's soul (The Creative Journal).

The Ten Steps of Visioning® (and)

The Visioning® Process: Turning Dreams into Reality

Dreams become reality when the ten steps of design are applied to life. From making a wish and vision collage, one moves through inner blocks, through journaling, to manifest one's true Heart's Desire (Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams).

Create Your Own Vision with Visioning Expert Dr. Lucia Capacchione

Do you want to create your own vision using a tried-and-true visioning process?  Do you wonder if the visioning process really works? Join host Kate Ebner for an interview withDr. Lucia Capacchione, best-selling author of Visioning ®: 10 Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams and 11 other books about creativity.  Widely acclaimed for her ability to catalyze innate creativity and inner wisdom, Lucia Capacchione’s methods, inspired by 10 years spent as a Disney Imagineer, are now being applied in education, medicine, mental health, the arts and the entertainment industry.  Her 10-step process guides you through the creation of your own powerful and inspiring vision.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn exciting insights from a pioneering and accomplished visioning expert who can tell you how to create your own vision -- and make it real.

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A Visioning® workshop in action

A Visioning® workshop in action

Playing with clay

Playing with clay

Journaling the inner life

Journaling the inner life

Putting it all together

Putting it all together