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Treasure the chaos out of which order emerges.


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Lucia's Mission

To find the Divine within and help others do the same through creative expression.

Every individual carries the Divine Spark within. My mission has been to help people of all ages find the "still, small voice within" which the sages and great teachers have spoken of. My methods lead to that well of wisdom and guidance that resides in our very own hearts.

For me, the expressive arts have been the perfect path for finding inner truth and healing. Once found, the truth can also be expressed and reflected in everyday life.

My body of work consists of books, audio programs, workshops and training programs growing out of 30 years of personal life explorations and professional application.

Those who have embraced these methods were looking for many things. Among them were:

  •  healing of the body/mind
  •  enhanced creativity
  •  recovery from abuse or trauma
  •  relief from stress and burn-out
  •  recovery from addictions and co-dependence
  •  career direction
  •  more fulfilling relationships
  •  guidance for major life transitions
  •  greater spiritual awareness

I have been blessed to reach around the globe with this work.