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[Dr. Capacchione] not only helps to bring out the best— but helps to discover that there is a best that is worth bringing out."
-Norman Cousins, author of Anatomy of an Illness

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What CJEA Graduates and Trainees Have to Say:

Lynda Toney-Bahr:
I was on the "forever" track to getting my Masters in Art Therapy when I heard that Lucia Capacchione was to be the keynote speaker at a conference in Oklahoma City.

When she started talking, I knew instantly that I was interested in her training program. I asked how much the training cost. Being a student, I was thinking, "If it is more than $400.00, I was out of luck." She confidently stated that the year long program was approximately $4,000.00 plus travel expenses. I didn't blink an eye. Something inside me knew right then that somehow I was going to California. That night, a friend told me he would contribute 100 bucks! I thought, "Well shoot, if he's in for a hundred, maybe I can raise the money to go." From March 16 to April 5, I raised enough money to go on the first 9 days of training in Santa Barbara!

That was the beginning of an incredible journey. I have been using Lucia's books and practicing the CJEA exercises, especially Visioning® collage, since that original conference.

In January 2004, to fulfill the training requirements of assisting Lucia and leading my own supervised workshop, I attended the "Inner Child" workshop on a 7 day Caribbean Cruise. Again, the money was provided. Apparently a job I had some 13 years before settled a class action lawsuit, they sent me a check for the exact amount I needed for all expenses!

In March 2004, I completed the last 9 days of training in Cambria, California and graduated a Certified Creative Journal Expressive Arts Instructor! I am currently leading workshops based on Lucia's books in my new studio, "Art of E-Motion" in Oklahoma City. This is a manifestation of Visioning® at its best!!

Mira Stefaniuk:
I want to take this opportunity to tell you, Lucia and Marsha, how good it was to do the final assignment. Putting the timeline book together after finishing "Embracing Ourselves" really brought everything together for me. It was particularly rewarding and enlightening to re-read journal entries and dialogues from the past year. I marveled at the insight and road signs that were there all along. So I thank you for your wisdom in putting this program together and structuring it in such a way that the learning is cumulative. And then making it available to us.

Patti Felici:
On a family vacation in Cancun, my daughter, Crystal, and I had a really traumatic experience. We both got caught in a rip tide that pulled us way out from shore in a very short time. Two other people, an older man and a young teen boy, were pulled out as well. We were all struggling to get back to shore. It was like swimming on a treadmill, making no progress at all, and the waves were really beating us up.

To make a really long story short, three of us got in to shore and the older gentleman drowned right in front of us. My husband, Alberto, and I attempted CPR for at least 10 or 15 minutes with no response. I couldn't get the man's panicked face out of my mind for the next couple days— I cried for him so many times. I just couldn't seem to pull myself together.

Finally, I bought a journal in the gift shop at the hotel and I went out to the beach and sat right in front of the spot where it all occurred and I journaled 25 pages— during which I allowed myself to cry really hard one more time— and then I was okay and was able to enjoy the last two days of our vacation with my family and get myself back home and back to work.

Some really incredible stuff came out of my journaling. You know? I felt so rattled after that experience— I was shaking inside for almost 48 hours afterwards— most people would likely have ended up seeking tranquilizers or psychiatric counseling, etc. But I had my journaling! And I believe it calmed me down quicker than a Valium injection, not to mention that I didn't have to worry about how I was going to feel when the drug wore off!

This journaling is really powerful stuff! Thank you, Marsha and Lucia. You have given me a tool that I will be able to use all of my life! My love goes out to you both for all the hard work you ladies have done to share this work with others.

Marilyn Hamlin, M.S.W.:
For me the thing that made Creative Journal Expressive Arts (CJEA) training fit so well into my creative and financial life is primarily the way Lucia and Marsha have supported the work. It was not just my work in Visioning®, journaling and expressive arts but the way they supported the whole me, my situation and my goals. What I found in training with them was that if I did my part, abided by policy, spent time and effort learning the program, and stayed involved, they always had time to support me with information and a warm, loving response. They continued unfailingly to support me when I requested it each step of the way, in the time it takes me to accomplish things - without judgment, pressure, or depersonalization.

Since being certified in CJEA, this community has helped me go from survival mode to a level of thriving that I could barely have envisioned. Don't get me wrong - I work at having a quality of life as a wife, mother and professional woman. But CJEA has given me a support team with an international clientele who have read Lucia's books and want to learn more about her methods.

Vicki Muir, M.Ed., M.S.W., L.C.S.W.:
SOUL ATROPHY, defined in my dictionary as caregiver and professional burnout, was the condition I described to my co-workers in the Spring of 2003. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker of 26 years I knew the meaning as well as the psychological and physical consequences. I was there. Even the best of us can find ourselves in this condition in the right set of circumstances regardless of our defenses. Little did I know that my whole life was going to change in an instant. A brochure appeared on my desk— Lucia Capacchione is coming to Oklahoma as the guest speaker at the Art Therapy Conference. I had read and used her work since the 1980's and I knew I had to be there and so it goes. When I met Lucia I said from a very deep place of knowing "I'm so glad you are here." Before Lucia left Oklahoma I had applied for her training program in Creative Journal Expressive Arts. This was a call from the universe to answer more than one of my dreams. One— to study with a master, two— to be an art therapist. Since that moment I have experienced transformation and renewal in my professional and personal life. I can't quantify the blessings and benefits I have received.

I have had the opportunity to travel with and learn from both Lucia and her partner Marsha. They have both been more than available to guide me and support me in my journey of the heart. It has been an honor to know and learn from them both. As a professional I have developed a great appreciation and respect for Lucia and her work. I realized through observation and further research the depth of her knowledge. I have applied her methods and techniques in my practice enhancing my clients ability to communicate and express themselves on a much deeper level than with traditional "talk therapies." Personally I have made major leaps professionally in my career. By going on and taking the "Visioning®" training as well I have developed a greater understanding of the power of images, words and thoughts in our lives. I truly believe we can create the life of our dreams.

I must say that this journey would not be complete without the ongoing coaching, support and wisdom that Marsha has shared along the way. Ready to give a push or a hug when it is needed, Marsha's guidance with technical and marketing problems has been invaluable to me in negotiating with potential clients for workshops or projects.

There are few programs of this type that allow you the opportunity to meet others from around the world, sharing experiences in friendship and creativity. The thought of the number of lives touched by Lucia's work and the people in it is very powerful in terms of transformation and healing.

The Cherokee have a story that says when you can see your own reflection clearly you are ready to receive your vision. I say that my journey in this program has lead me to that reflective pool.

Claudia Jean Hill:
I am enjoying feeling more and more comfortable teaching your methods. I began working today with a woman I have worked with before I did the training. I had already been working out of your books, but I can feel a difference as a result of the training. I have a better understanding and appreciation, AND, I can feel the effects of doing the Recovery of Your Inner Child book for myself.

In a million of day-to-day things, I feel different in subtle but significant ways. It has improved all my relationships, partly by making me less dependent on the "other party," and partly because discovering the inner Protective Parent gave me a better "voice" to speak up for myself.

Thanks for all you've done for us!!