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CJEA Intensive Curriculum:

Opening 7 - 9 PM: Welcome Session
Day One 9 AM - Noon: Expressive Arts Therapy: Theory and Practice
Intermodal arts experience with art, movement, sound. Sharing & discussion.
1:30 - 4 PM: Arts Therapy Experience: 2-d Art Media
Art-making, one-on-one sharing & group discussion.
7 - 9 PM: Arts Therapy Experience: 3-d Art Media
Clay-play process and sharing.
Day Two 9 AM - Noon: Creative Journal Method
Theory and practice of integrated therapeutic art and writing. Review
of brain research and application. Journal experience and sharing in
1:30 - 2:30 PM: Application: Counseling, Coaching & Teaching
Overview of Dr. Capacchione's books on journaling. Application to personal growth, health and healing, education, creativity, career, dream work, and more with different ages and populations. Journal experience & sharing.
2:45 - 4 PM: Dream Work
Demonstration of intermodal experience with art, movement, drama, journal applied to dream illumination.
7 - 9 PM: Family Constellations: Theory and demonstration.
Day Three 9 AM - Noon: Inner Family Work
Theory, practice and applications for recovery and healing from abuse, addictions, illness. Inner Family Work with couples and family dynamics. Journal applications. Demonstration of Inner Family Work using Voice Dialogue format.
1:30 - 5 PM: Inner Family Work
Practice in small groups followed by group discussion.
7:00 PM: Inner Child Play Party
Day Four 9 AM to Noon: Voice Dialogue: Theory and Demonstration
1:30 - 4 PM: Family Constellations: Experiential work.
7 - 9 PM: Creativity Gym: Mixed media art experience with Primary and Disowned selves.
Day Five PLAY DAY!
Day off
Day Six 9 AM - Noon: Body/Mind Healing: Theory and Practice
Intermodal expressive arts techniques for integrating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the self. Applications for eating disorders, weight control, illness and preventive care. Experiential practice and sharing.
1:30 - 4 PM: Body/Mind/Spirit
Creative Journal and Voice Dialogue applications. Mandala-making and inner-wisdom dialogues.
7 - 9 PM: Principles of Marketing. Designing a program, writing a brochure, marketing and personal presentation. Sharing of marketing experiences by other members of the CJEA community. Open discussion. Conducted by Dr. Marsha Nelson.
Day Seven 9 AM - Noon: Visioning collages
Experience & sharing.
1:30 - 3:30 PM:
Group sharing and formal closing.
7 - 9 PM: Graduation ceremony (if applies)

Art supplies are provided. Participants bring their own journals.
Mentoring: Each trainee is assigned a mentor who is a certified CJEA graduate and is in contact with the trainee throughout their training year.

Revised June 2008